2005-6 Jupiter Return in Scorpio

The Scorpio Effect

This mega-configuration repeats every 12 years.
Valid for a year, from entry to exit.
CURRENT RETURN: start October 2005—end November 2006.

Greed is another word for history... We are so used to the nuisance, we hardly notice it when it runs to an excess. Not that amounts and quantities are especially relevant when there is an epidemic of hysteria. We are so deluded we don't even make movies about it, anymore!... No, illusion can't be the issue of the day, least of all under these celestial circumstances.

The mega JUPITER RETURN comes to remind us that we have become an advanced civilisation in space, and planetary destiny is increasingly at stake, due to this development. This is an extra-galactic rule, applicable in all cases throughout the universe without exception:
The degree of evolution determines whether people should feel responsible for their planet everyday or once in a while...

This year until Christmas the "Stringent Scorpio-Effect" will be felt by billions of us, in case a few millions of us get this message right:
There is no going back from where we are. We could drift for a while more, play the hard to get, but we can no longer pretend that the fate of our world is in God's hands. God gives and God takes, but He does not take away what He has given. He has made us individuals... Just like Him, in fact! Anyway, we are independent and He will not interfere. That would be against His own rule.

All to say, what we do is our own business and our fate is in our hands. The Almighty will not strike us. It takes the Devil to keep us believing otherwise...

The Scorpio-Effect is most severe when it's a matter of life and death, do or die, etc. Most people know this by intuition. Further learning will confirm that Scorpio is the toughest thing there is where it has to do with OWNING YOUR LIFE.

Some Seminars use the formula, "Owning Your Emotions," which comes to the same. Applying this formula to a whole society is an anthropological exercise, for "What WE own" is all we've gone through in a million years!... We are not "just" into the 21st century, we have made ourselves go through every obscurity across the ages.

You don't get to be an advanced civilisation by any particular feat of engineering, it's the whole of us that did it; somehow, we got to that point. We never get along, so it surprised even the Devil how we managed to come this far!... The 2006 JUPITER RETURN is a message to the effect that we have a greatness in us. Instead of being cynical about it, Scorpio would have us do some real believing, at this juncture.
The central problem is this:
We have so much going for ourselves but it keeps working against us, mostly.
We won't face it, because it is much too sober to look at.
We are still so ignorant about how we go about things.
This is the sore issue of the day:
We have achieved enough progress to rewrite history—we could go on other planets, teach people our knowledge—yet every department of our lives is a mess: personal health, politics, social sanity...
As to keeping a relationship, nothing is more bizarre, these days. If your wife is still there in the morning, you drop on your knees to thank God, not knowing how else it could have happened!...

To wrap up this brief discourse:
Scorpio is worried on account of the mental logistics we keep, where we measure our successes in fractions... Worse, we measure degrees of madness in decimals—how insane is this fellow, compared to the other weirdo—when our planetary destiny is at stake everyday.

Being a skipper is a fine art, but being led is where art matters.

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