2005-6 Jupiter Return in Scorpio

The Armageddon Issue

Part One

The Armageddon would be the last battle between Good and Evil. This ultimate confrontation is the basis of religious thought. Each theology calls it a different name but all agree on that it must take place. As to WHEN, this could be in a near future, much later or "anytime, now." As to OUTCOME, the kinds of forces involved in such a battle would bring about the end of the world—inevitably and without a doubt. For all that is bad must be destroyed, "whatever it takes."

The Armageddon is not "a huge battle," it has to be a clean-up operation on a planetary scale, if it is to be a battle at all.

Call it the End of Days, it's where the game ends for everyone, including the "good souls." However, since the Purpose of the Armageddon is not to destroy all life but to keep evil out of it, those who are not meant to perish forever must rise again, to partake of the New Life—whence the expression,
"And the Dead Shall Rise Again".

The religious standpoint on this whole issue is strict:
The end of the world can only be a temporary cessation of life for those who are not meant to perish; these shall live again immediately after the Armageddon has been completed. On the contrary, after that last battle, evil shall be no more.

In other words, if you a religious person, you don't want to use the word "Doomsday" when referring to the end of the world, for that would contradict the general idea of the purpose behind it.

The word "Armageddon" has various applications in general literature—and in most cases does not refer to a finalstate of affairs. "A huge cataclysm" could qualify as "an Armageddon of a kind"—whether it were due to a series of earthquakes, caused by asteroid impact, thanks to global warming or courtesy of a nuclear war.

Note that no single geophysical disaster could terminate all life, unless it were the biblical floods all over again—if the waters made it to the Himalayas... On the contrary, if we got hit by a large enough asteroid we would become bits of asteroids ourselves, without a doubt!...

The same expression may be used to describe "a fiasco of historical size," especially where a series of miscalculations amount to genocide. However, horrible as it gets, you have to be very specific if you are going to call something an "Armageddon"—unless you mean it as a joke. Some instances of corporate collapses might fit the profile, but only just. Big as it was, the Fall of the Roman Empire has never been called that. Probably because it didn't happen overnight. On the contrary, the general circumstance of World War 1 often has been described as "an Armageddon," for reasons now mostly bypassed. Other wars have been experienced as "Hell" or as an "Apocalypse Now"... but WW1 was hell come down, it is an exception in that regard. Hiroshima was worse in all respects yet doesn't get to be called that name.

Any kind of genocide is an atrocity—fratricide being abominable in God's eyes, completely ridiculous, basically. The only way it can happen is through warmongering, a continual war effort. Some men maintain a war program to protect themselves and the world, but others think like the devil, where the purpose of life consists in denying its validity. Futureprimer's
FREUDIANA (in the language of Freud) says: Warmongering is a subconscious death-wish, a call for a cessation of existence while appearing to be very much intent on living, and looking very fierce about it...


Everything exists, because all things simultaneously make up a system called health.

A universe is a big place with room enough for all kinds of things to have a life, and Evil exists because it is capable of constructive act the same way worms work a garden better than anything else. Charming, traditional Climbing Ivy turns evil when it gets into your bedroom and starts choking you in your dreams. The "Alien" trilogy shows that there are monsters out there but they are not a problem to anyone, until one of them comes down here. Frankenstein is a nuisance only when he escapes from the lab. To paraphrase Marlon BRANDO [Apocalypse Now]: "Horror is an enemy to be feared if you don't keep learning how to make fear a friend of yours!"...

They say the devil ain't no friend to nobody, it wants you dead or in hell, etc, however wherever there is a nuisance, you can bet it's that something does not know its place!

God's Design was that all things are needed, until they make trouble for the others. However, even when something becomes a nuisance at large, you can't judge it to be unrepentable. You can only work out a Balance of Actions over a period of time.

After a million years and a billion centuries, Satan is still out there trying to make it look as though worms are meant to run all over the garden and you can't even walk about the place without fear to stampede some die-hard out of place.

In view of this continuing state of affairs there is to be a day where the nonsense comes to an end. The End of Days would be such a plan, where Evil is due to be eradicated, one way or another—and The Armageddon represents the final stages of a war that's been going on since the Creation. Prior to working out who's to win, note that the above is a religious presentation of an idea not unfamiliar in scientific circles. The only big difference is in that a modern physicist is bound to a view as large as the scope of the universe, whereas traditional theology gets to narrow it all down to what's happening on this globe.

How does the end of the world affect 200 billion solar systems in the Milky Way alone, for goodness sake!

How are we so sure of being loyal to Divine Design when we dismiss how big life is across the spectrum?

As to an outcome, we said that only the good souls can hope to survive the Armageddon. This includes anyone who repents in time but also anyone capable of repenting. Apparently, it's really important to God if a lamb goes missing at the count. Those who do not reclaim their own capacity of goodness from their own evil ways shall cease to exist as souls, return to nothing.

As to "Who shall win in the end," it's a matter of surviving, first, then fight for an ideology, if you still have gas for an argument!...

We have also been told,
"The meek shall inherit the earth," and no one is going to argue with that, given where it comes from. Still it's possible to specify that no one's going to inherit anything by being meek now, and not remember how to do that when it matters!... We hardly remember how it felt to be the children we were, needing everything and not even having a name for it... It's easy to overlook the fact life used to work when we were basically humble and it keeps happening just right on that basis though you can afford more.

Simple humility is basically effective, rather than a moral distinction of character.

We also know beyond doubt that the peacemakers in this world are rewarded with Divine Esteem everyday of their lives, even if they don't always feel it. But we don't know too well how peace works, perhaps that's why we get to have more wars than we ask for.
peace dove

End Part One...

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