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How to say GOOD and BAD in various languages (4 Jan 12)
...and is there much difference in meaning?...

Is SELF-DEFEAT Possible (5 Dec 11)
...and how does it work in real life?...

The 2008-2024 Pluto-CAPRICORN Forecast (22 Nov 11)
...one of the 21st Century's most influential lineups...

The Karma Controversy (21 Nov 11)
...one of the Top 10 hottest topics you'll ever come across...

The 2009-2012 Saturn-LIBRA Forecast (20 Sep 11)
...human relations under stress...

URANUS Back From The Great Depression (6 Sep 11 extended)
...and into an Economic Meltdown...

The 2010-2019 Uranus-ARIES Forecast (31 Aug 11)
...spanning a whole decade, the last of a kind...

Quick and Slow Rising Starsigns (23 May 11)
...properly referred to as Long and Short Ascension Signs...

The Naming of America Operation (22 March 11)
...the hottest issue in town back in 1507, when time came for the New World to have a proper name...

Commanding and Obeying Starsigns (extended 6 March 11)
Properly called the Northern and Southern Signs...

21stCentury Political Outcomes (20 Mar 10)
The future of mankind is created by a total combination of all human activities on this planet from...

Most Popular National Flags (13 Nov 09)
Some flags you remember even if you have a poor memory, most will be forgotten the day after the Closing Olympic Ceremony...

Psychological Impact of Economic Depression (10 Nov 09)
The word Depression now used to describe an Economic Catastrophe is almost certainly borrowed from Clinical Psychology...

How to write and spell Cliche (9 Nov 09)
...that word carries a magic all its own, even if you spell it wrong, just saying it is a sign of confidence...

Initial Concept of the Web (3 Nov 09)
The initial idea was to obtain and relay the best possible information as soon as possible...

Anatomy of a Depression (23 Oct 09)
We only know what an Economic Depression is by what it does when it happens, but no one knows how it happens...

Meaning of National Flag Symbols (7 Oct 09)
Could anything be more moving than to see one of your Athletes pick up Olympic Gold while the camera slowly comes down on your Home Flag to the tune of your National Anthem, before the whole world?
Who knows what's on that banner, though?...

Cynics and Lesser Mortals (1 March 09)
Cynics miss the obvious...


Futureprimer specialises in practical futurology
Practical forecasting can be very useful in fast-changing times, for perpetual uncertainty will destabilise anyone, the mighty along with the meek—and it does look as though the times we live in are hellbent on remaining uncertain. Is this growing insecurity a fact of life, though, or does it appear to be so because the reality of it is such a strong impression—and what might that be due to? Are our times more troubled than anyone else's in the past, because we have more technology than ever before? Lineup Impact Relative looks into such questions for you, revealing Futuristic Formulas for Sociological Application. The Social Equations presented here are decoded from Lineup Language for the First Time, example: The meaning of a (any) Lineup is to be adjusted to the particular historical milieu... The Impact of a Lineup is affected by the social relativity of the era at hand...
Any era or society is conditioned by the quality of prevailing scientific awareness, rather than by the spectrum of technological expanse.

One for Nostra
explains how lineups operate, what they do for us and when to expect anything, in Lineup Outcomes, and many titles all in clear wording:
Purpose of Assessing Lineups: Economists project figures, Astrologers assess lineups.
How History Repeats Itself: Lineups are History Interactive.

LINEUP ADVISOR Most topics on this site are analysed in the light of planetary alignments, as opposed to the usual method of analysing anything.

The 2008 Saturn-Virgo Forecast

The Reagan Eclipses

The 2008 US Primaries Under the Stars
The Primaries may be under fire, because it such an unusual Campaign but things often are not as they appear, as we find when we look at this Political Marathon Under the Stars.
The Outcomes of the US Primaries would be, by far, the most eagerly expected conclusion to any business on the planet this year and 2008 may well be a Pivotal Year in International Politics...
More in CELEX...

INTERMEZZO A new lineup-cycle is an opportunity to improve the quality of life where possible, and this becomes increasingly possible once human relationships learn to take another look at themselves in a spirit of self-tolerance.
Is a better world possible?...

INCAForum Wonders Is Self-Tolerance easier than Tolerating Someone Else?
What is IncaForum? —is it an Indian!!

The 2008 Chinese New Year Eclipse
Nostradamus would want to know when to expect the next eclipse and which kind it might be, rather than what to expect.
The first of this year's 4 Eclipses occurred on February 7, it was Annular and fell in mid-Aquarius—as it always does at this time of year, regardless of century. The rule is that if your birthday is within 36 hours around that date (48hrs max, in some cases) then you will have an Eclipse Birthday this year. The same applies to World Events. The Aquarius Eclipse in question fell right on SUPERTUESDAY (February 5) and on Ronald Reagan's Birthday a day after that show. The charismatic president would have turned 97 on February 6 (see below). But that same Eclipse also celebrated the Chinese New Year, in the first place—and rather auspiciously, the Old Medieval Seer might add, despite contrary circumstances at the time. Indeed, Annular Eclipses have a reputation for keeping a level of joy slightly in excess of troublesome and deconstructing trends, and for encouraging basic harmony in human relations despite surface tensions—all the better as the eclipse comes through Aquarius. For if this Starsign does not quite eliminate small troubles and greater calamities, it is renowned for providing appreciable inner sustainment in adversity, and for helping rebuild a better world ahead in a spirit of perseverance and asking for no reward, just perform with the quality that is Your Gift. A little gift is much more important if it comes from You.

There is more to say about this Eclipse and China—not forgetting Beijing—as we find in Meaning of an Aquarius Annular Eclipse (forthcoming) and 21st Century Aquarius Solar Eclipses. We close this preview with a topical line from the much revered and world-esteemed Ancient Chinese Book of Wisdom, which teaches that Being dedicated to the Cause of Rectitude is perhaps the greatest accomplishment, even if we only try to do what is right and never quite succeed.
What is truly acquired may not be permanently lost.
Homage to the I Ching

The Reagan Eclipses
Among other things here we find out from a lineup-perspective how the charismatic president survived an assassination attempt, 50 odd days after his 70th Eclipse Birthday, and why John Lennon did not, 50 odd days before that same eclipse.

Lineup Homage to Lennon
...Had his luck run short on him or was it that he had given all he had in him to share with us as no one else could have...
(Modified Version from Lion Rouge, a Special Column from Futureprimer's HOMAGES)
Lion Rampant

Mystery Lineup at the 2008 Presidential Elections
All astrological mysteries come down to a matter of time and statistics
Why should a couple of Candidates at the 2008 US Primaries have the same lineup-birthmark when none of the 43 American Presidents were born that way? We were intrigued enough to run a broader search and found that particular lineup in the same relative proportion among this year's Russian Candidates. Checking against the 1000 biggest names in history we found only a very few with that birthmark. Somehow, this elusive lineup seemed to elude Celebrities—Famous or Infamous—regardless of country or era. How peculiar that it should turn up a dime a dozen at this year's elections...

The 43 US Presidents—a bunch of remarkable men!
A cliché is something we get used to, to a point of forgetting what value it may have. For instance there never was a doubt in anyone's mind as to why the USSR and the USA used to be called SUPERPOWERS—and still are, despite a few alterations across the board. Likewise, everyone today automatically accepts that the American President should be referred to as the First Man and his wife the First Lady. But is it clear why he should be The Most Powerful Man in the World, or is it just a nickname?
And what is it about the 43 American Presidents that makes them such an
Outstanding Bunch of Fellows in the history of any country?
Find out about all this from a lineup-viewpoint.

Futurology always keeps an eye on the future implications of anything that comes to attention.


The 2004-2011 Uranus in Pisces Lineup Forecast

The 1998-2012 Neptune in Aquarius Forecast

The 1995-Nov 2008 Pluto in Sagittarius Forecast


Jupiter in Scorpio blank

Eagle Power on Your Side

A Mighty Omen of Power

The Armageddon Issue

Strategic Advantages blank

The Scorpio Effect


Saturn in Leo

Two Essential Geopolitical Predicaments


The 2005-7 Leo-Aquarius Lineup

Political Outcomes


Jupiter-Saturn Epochal Lineups

The US Presidential Death Cycle

Making Sense of Lineups
What is it, what does it do for us, when does it all happen, what to expect from the next one? How often does it happen? How big an event is it in space? Is there something to astrology?...

Stars in Prediction blank

Planetary Line Ups blank

Lineups & World Events


Political Schemes & Social Schedules blank

Time is not equal in all places.
The future is not equal in all places.

Time Future & Futurology

Prophecy is an acquired taste, not an instinct, least of all part of a traditional folklore.
Kinds of Prophets and Prophecies... Ancient prophets, modern psychics and what they predict blank

Psychic Potential & Superhuman Resources...Prophetic Guidelines & Messages blank

Towering Advantages blank

Returning to the Scene of the Crime blank


CELEX-Celestial Index 21st Century Political Outcomes
This title discloses unheard of insights regarding some of the momentous developments in decades to come, making it a compelling reading—which may prove pivotal, just for reading it.
Sample captions:
This could well be the most mysterious period of political activity in recorded history. To begin with, everyone in town seems to be running for presidency and no one is complaining about that; on the contrary, people everywhere have been campaigning alongside and giving it their best. Such Electorate Behaviour would have been fantastical even in Ancient Rome, where you had one Caesar or another and no one else in between—except a distant Uncle or Nephew. People were the Watchers, in the Arena, sometimes... Mind you, this whole situation would hardly be half as bizarre if we knew what to make of it, at least by now; for we have been at it some time.
As it is, results have proved unusually elusive and despite this much exertion no one quite knows how to qualify this state of affairs. Most people feel weird about it or frustrated or both, which is a pity, for such level of collective participation shows beautiful enthusiasm in the interest of the Nation, despite factional clashes. Another sensitive predicament is that the level of International Insecurity has been steadily building up during the long wait.
...By the same token, how sensible is it to call it incongruous, just because it might be unusual a Campaign?
...And how safe is it to think ill of it when we have no idea what the 21st Century might have in store for us yet?

The October 1929 Wall Street Lineups
Eclipses have a bad reputation because they either turn up when everyone in town is in a mood for suspense or when no one can afford the thrill, as would have been the case in November 1929 when the sky went dark over Wall Street, hardly a day after the Stock Market Collapse—on All Saints Day, of all things.
ZINGARA, Modified Version)

The 2007-2020 Jupiter-Pluto Cycle
This 13-year recurring cycle started at the 11 December 2007 Conjunction. On that day we had a major Terrorist Attack at the Algiers UN Conference. A fortnight later we lost someone we may find increasingly difficult to replace, apart from that the regrettable loss was so totally unnecessary.

The Benazir Bhutto Lineups
A humble study trying to track down any lineup-connection between a Father, his Daughter and her two Brothers, all bound to the same Fate. We stress lineup connection to signify that we aren't looking for culprits, we are interested in how it might show up there in the stars when people experience the same collective circumstance—as in The Titanic, for instance, or in Wartime for that matter. Along similar lines we have several studies in progress, including The Titanic itself, The Kennedy Assassinations, The Manson Murders, The Jonesville Group Suicide, and there are so many more notorious cases to list here.
Lineup Homage to Benazir Bhutto...
Life is precious and everyone is part of what makes it that way, but can we afford to keep losing another Individual, just like that, just because we all are Cogs in a Wheel?
Lion Rouge,Modified Version)
The Benazir Bhutto Legacy... Does a person's role in society end when death happens, is her mission in life terminated, because that departure may have been precipitated, unnatural or otherwise premature?
Mystic a la page, Modified Version)

The Tycoon Brothers
Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto were Brothers in Mythology and three of the biggest names in the Ancient World—as big as the mighty is to the meek. They have been associated with wealth and the power of money across the eras, and still now we call it Plutocracy.
Jupiter resembles Bill Gates by way of openness. Comparatively, Pluto carries on like Citizen Kane, you never knew what was going on. No wonder they picked Orson Welles for the movie. Neptune had the same mentality as Howard Hughes, you could always tell what he had in mind but no one could make sense of it...
The War of the Titans (forthcoming) explains how these things came to be.

Other (related) titles in preparation:
Why Pluto's Reputation Never Got Off the Ground Jupiter-Pluto Lineup Series were unheard of prior to 1930 when Pluto was first spotted. Jupiter-Neptune Lineup Series were unheard of prior to 1846, when Neptune was first spotted.

The Nature of Human Power

Origins of Human Conflict
Nothing in this world is as difficult to describe as the root-causes of a conflict, regardless of size or era. We only know that we have a problem when we do, but you can never tell how it came to be nor why it has to be so... A problem is the tip of the iceberg, compared to the whole chain of events that led to it... Not knowing the Sequence of Events means that Finding a Solution comes down to Winning the Lottery.
Knowing the sequence of events leading to a problem would enable finding a remedy with scientific reliability.
Axioma Problematica

Cabin Instructions The Impact of Futuristic Creativity always comes raw and at full speed.
Future Impact


Ask Oracle-144 any question you may have regarding astrology or your star sign.

Service starts soon...
Oracle-28 works out the meaning of your dreams,
based on the stars combined with the traditional symbol-by-symbol method
Your Star Sign Ruling Planet

The 5 Keys to Your Star Sign

Positive Starsigns
Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Negative Starsigns
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Individual Keys to Prosperity

Fixed Star Signs

Mutable Star Signs

Cardinal Star Signs

Click here to apply...

Merit is beyond ego.
Homage is beyond tribute and respect.
What is Australian or un-Australian?

Saturn in Leo Remembers Heroes

Fete Des Meres (French version only french flag)
Fete Des Peres (French french flag)
Fathers Day (English english flag)

The future still believes in love...

ELVS—Expressions Of Lingering Valentine Sentiments:
Valentine 2007 Star Sign Messages

The Sagittarian Woman

Orfeo for Star Sign Lonely Hearts:
The Aquarian Woman

The Mystery of Persisting Gender Conflicts

Origins of Gender Warsblank

Genders In Conflictblank

Venus Mars Gender Traits

Gender Traits & Functions
(update in preparation)
War of the Genders (update in preparation)

Religion is reverence.
Mysticism is religious fine-tuning.

Myth & Mythomania blank

Problems & Solutions blank

Facts & Fallacies

Taboos & Platitudes

Missing Links:
Quality of Communication blank

Witnessing Reality

CHLOE (Camera Angles on Reality)
Cinema is an outstanding human achievement equivalent to world peace, oddly enough—and to having already been on other planets, and back!...
The Symbolic Meaning of King Kong

Cinema is magical perhaps most of all in that it is an alembic, where crowds may perform social transmutations, overnight or as they wish. History did try this kind of alchemy every which way, but for lack of a screen took whole thousands of years, and still not conceive...

The Future as a Way of Life blank

Future Beautiful blank

Hope for Tomorrow blank

Future Scares

(in preparation)

(in preparation)

Australian Incentives

The Traditional Australian

A Thought for the Road
Worthy opponents are hard to come by. You can find gold easier, even if you don't mean it...
And Some to Take Home...
There's no such thing as a cheap worthy victory.

bluebulletblankBODY MECHANICS
The physical body is a transcendental vehicle.
Mind is definitely over matter. Both are made of the same stuff, though—hot air!...
Sports in Time

Fighting Techniques (21 Feb 09)
Martial Arts in context...

bluebulletblankANCIENT FORUM
Is Perfection Possible?

Pure strategy is freedom from having to make battle-plans.
Logistics of Economic Values

Endangered Species blank

Ways of Fighting (existential approach, etc.) blank

Multicultural Warfare (Australian Version)

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